Friday, 10 June 2011

Create trading algos on the fly using C# script

You can now create algos on the fly using C# scripting and KaiTrade's K2 StratoServer

The K2StratoServer has always allowed you to package algorithms in libraries, these are loaded into the server dynamically. The user can then manage these algorithms using KaiTrade's FIX ATDL Viewer, this lets the end user see the algorithms that are available, adjust parameters and run algorithms.

The server allows  access to KaiTrades's EMS server and broker connections through a set of WCF Services - these connect to a range of brokers, for example Bloomber Tradebook, CQG, Interactive brokers.

The latest version now allows a user to write algos as a script using C#, this code can be sent to the sever where is compiled on the fly and made available as a regular algorithm.

The user can then run their algo, view the results, adjust the code and rerun - this way they rapidly get their ideas into production,eliminating a lot of time consuming development cycles and even the need for a development tool such as Visual Studio or Eclipse.

When they are happy with the code, they can of course, package it into regular library.

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