Tuesday, 7 June 2011

CQG Trading systems

CQG's Trading System Package allows traders to analyze past trading activity and build strategies based on that activity. Traders can take advantage of the Trading System Package features to fine-tune entry and exit points and test user-defined parameter values.

Traders can benefit from CQG's numerous back-testing resources by examining trading activity based on the creation of long or short trades, a variety of entry and exit signals, and the commissions the trader must pay.

KaiTrade can compliment the power of CQG's trading systems by providing a quick and reliable way to manage executions based on signals from the trading systems running in CQG.

The heart of the system is the Trading System view, this lets you choose available trading systems in CQG and automatically set them up. Connecting to new trading systems is easy, simply click on the New icon and the system will guide you through the rest:

The system communicates with the CQG client to get all details of the trading system and automatically sets it up for execution in KaiTrade. When you have added the systems you want to trade, they are displayed in the trade system view. You then have a view of the systems you want to run and can control them by simply clicking on the grid. This way you can quickly turn on and switch off trading systems depending on the market conditions.

Simplicity does not mean you sacrifice control, for advanced users KaiTrade provides the additional tools to let you customize your trading schemes:
  • TSData Viewer - this lets you customize the connection to the CQG Trading system
  • Strategy Pad - The strategy pad lets you have a great deal of control over the strategies that are initiated by Trading system’s signals.For example you can set different execution algorithms, like  a bracket order to protect against losses and lock in profits  on an some entry signal.

 Check out this video of the tool in action!

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