Sunday, 26 April 2009

Triggering Algorithms from Excel

Here is a short video showing how to automatically trigger algorithms from the KaiTrade strategy pad using Excel.

This allows an Excel user to trigger a variety of execution algorithms to trade markets directly from Excel.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Using CQG conditions to automate trading

Here is a short video showing how to automatically trade using CQG and KaiTrade 

cqgconditions demo

The key points are that you can set up complex conditions in CQG and then link these to the StrategyPad in the KaiTrade Accelerator. 

The strategy pad lets you:
  • enter orders into the market and exit trades(cancel working or flatten position)
  • run advanced strategies such as our SuperScalper and other trading strategies.
These features allow a CQG great flexibility to automate and manage their trading.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Into April!

March has been a great month; we have three new client firms that are now all trading using the KaiTrade Accelerator, some with custom plugins. The common thread is the need for a broker neutral platform that can be used to provide the algorithms and custom function their traders need quickly and at the right price.

1 Product - The product has moved on by leaps and bounds:

Access to rich set of trading data needed to quickly develop algos that work in today's market conditions:

· Real Time prices

· Time Series data

· Custom Studies

· Expressions and Signals(Enter and Exit)

Access to advanced trading strategies running in the StrategyPad

· Super Spreader

· Pairs Trading

· Regular Trading

Access to External systems

· All the data in the KTA is now published through our custom RTD server into Excel

· Excel Users can lever the full power of KaiTrade using signals to enter and exit strategies using the StrategyPad.

· Plug In API Kit is now available for 3rd Parties to write algorithms on top of KaiTrade.

· Web Service (WCF) access.

New Tools

We have introduced a scalping plugin that sits on top of the KaiTrade platform called XXXLOT, this tool is an on the market trade executor where a buy and or sell are placed in the market and when a buy is filled the XXXLOT places a sell at the best offer and vica versa for the sell, its Auto mode makes it very effective in the current market condition.

Simple Deployment

We have adopted Microsoft ClickOnce as our way for deploying the system when combines with our ability to permission individual traders for the various access and functions we offer, gives enormous flexibility to handle a large user base.

2 Going Forward

The next quarter is going to be very busy for KaiTrade, in terms of development:

· We are planning to extend the range of supported brokers in Q2 to support TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

· We will be providing complex order types such as Trailing Stops that run in KaiTrade itself.

· New order tickets and an Extended "SuperScalper aka XXXLot, will be made available.

· A range of upgrades based on client feedback, for example improved access to historic and trading system data.